WordPress Website – the Advanced Package

WordPress Website – the Advanced Package

If you want to improve your online presence but feel that the static website is not for you, and would like your website to incorporate some of the advanced features, Atec Technologies can offer you a dynamic CMS WordPress website at a price starting from as low as 500€.

This package includes the creation and a complete website design up to 20 pages (the number of pages offered will depend on the complexity of content and the layout of the pages), tailored to your individual requirements, and includes basic SEO optimisation. With this package you will also get additional extras included in the price such as photo gallery, slideshow, carousel, contact form with an option of creating the new categories and fields. This approach allows for a unique custom design of your website (administrative component and frontend) to meet all your needs. This type of website allows you to independently edit or add content (text and images) to the basic and advanced editor (Visual Page Builder) without any preexisting knowledge of programming or advanced Web techniques.

Additional options (extras):

• Advanced SEO optimization – from 100 euros.
• Additional protection of the website – 50 Euros.
• Creating a new category (News, Actions, Products, …) in the administrative panel (backend) and displaying it on the web site (frontend) – 30 Euro.
• Creating a dedicated administrator pages and fields for faster and facilitated entry of content – from 20 Euros
• Additional language (using commercial WPML plugin) – 50% of the value of the website.
• Creating a graphical solution (layout) based on user requirements – from 50 Euros
• Development of HTML / CSS / JS web site based on an existing graphic design (.psd file) – from 100 euros.
• Registering an Internet domain (.com, .net, .com, .co.rs …)

Please note, all prices stated for the optional extras in our price list are estimates only and can vary depending on the user’s requirements, the complexity of the website, and the time it takes to create. We can provide you with the final price only after talking to you and confirming your overall requirements.