WordPress CMS website development

WordPress CMS website development

When it first appeared in 2003, WordPress was a simple platform for bloggers that enabled the blog to be launched and maintained in a simple and fast way. In time, it evolved  into a tool for creating dynamic web sites, i.e. it has become a serious CMS (Content Management System) solution. CMS gives you the ability to manage the content of your website (adding new pages, editing existing pages, adding and editing texts, images).

The purpose of creating a website through WordPress CMS is to allow a user who is not familiar with  any of the web technologies (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) to modify and add content to the website. The user only requires  basic computer skills, such as, for example, working in Microsoft Word or similar text editors.

WordPress web site  functionality can be expanded  and  adjusted/tailored to the  the user’s needs by adding new plugins, themes, and widgets. Plugins are add-ons such as: photo galleries, contact forms, polls, etc. However,  these features are not intended  for users who do not have at least some pre-existing  knowledge in working with the WordPress.  Inappropriate  use can cause major problems in the website performance such as  : functional disturbance, long load times, creating security vulnerabilities, poor user experience on mobile devices, and ultimately it  can lead to a complete crash of  the website.

Advantages of WordPress Websites:

  • Unlimited functionality.
  • Option of independent change of content by the owner.
  • Many search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) rank better websites with dynamic (interchangeable) content.
  • Updated content attracts new and retains the existing  visitors.

Disadvantages of WordPress Websites:

  • Creating a WordPress website requires more time, and therefore incurs higher costs
  • WordPress sites are more susceptible to hacker attacks.
  • They require periodical maintenance by an expert (monitoring of the performance and functionality of the website, software upgrades, data backup, addressing security failures, etc.).
  • They require an advanced file and database protection system.

Despite all their shortcomings, the CMS websites, including the WordPress, are currently  considered  to be one of the best solutions in   expanding, upgrading and increasing  the volume of your business conducted via the Internet.

The ATEC Technologies offers a complete development of the WordPess CMS website, which includes:

  • Creating a graphical solution,
  • Creating a custom theme based on a graphical solution,
  • Creating a graphical solution (layout) based on user requests
  • Creating a dedicated administrator pages and fields for faster and facilitated entry of content
  • Domain registration (.rs, co.rs, .com, .net …) and the installation of a website on the server,
  • Setting up web site and web server parameters optimisation
  • Adjustment and optimisation of the website security
  • SEO optimisation (optimisation for the Internet browsers such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo …)