Why do I need a website?

Why do I need a website?

Posted on 13. July 2017.
Author: Dejan Krstić

Why do I need a website

Very often our potential client inquires about why he needs a web site and what benefits he has of it. For a moment, I would come back for a period of years to come, while we have been dealing with Internet providing (DialUp, Wireless and ADSL Internet Access) as the largest company by the number of Internet users and infrastructure in Rasina district. Then we also often got a similar question from future clients “What will the Internet do good for me and what it is all about”. Then, as it is now, to a client who is not acquainted with it, it is difficult to explain that this is inevitability and something that will drastically influence and greatly change his business and social habits. Of course, even today you can meet people who have never used the Internet and who do not even have the desire or interest to use it in the near future. These people have never met social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin …), ease of communication via email, unlimited information and learning opportunities, purchasing goods or services over the internet (kupujemprodajem.com, kupindo.com, limundo.com, aliexpress.com …), online booking of hotels and apartments (booking.com, airbnb.com …), free video chat (Skype, Viber, Messenger …), review of millions of videos (YouTube, Vimeo …) and all other features that the Internet provides.

Even today, I often meet some of our former Internet users who, with smile, mention these days when I’ve “put them in” that using the Internet is something they will have to accept when they do. Of course, the Internet as well as all the other useful things in the world, some people just took leisure and did not do anything good, to some people improved communication, improved finding the necessary information and to a large extent helped to make the right decisions and which reflected on improving the business or to improve the quality of life.

We are in a similar situation nowadays because it is very difficult for some future clients to explain why they need a web site for them and their business. Many of them do not realize that having a web site helps many of their business partners, customers or service users, thus securing their loyalty and strengthening their cooperation. Sometimes it is only enough for a visitor to your web site to get complete information about what you are doing or to have an insight into your company’s ability. In many cases, prospective clients will need to be informed about you and your services in advance of the cooperation with you, and most of these information is searched first on the Internet. It is very often the case that a potential customer searches on the web about information about you and your company, ie tries to find your web site and decides for your competition because it has failed to find your web site.
For example, our ATEC Technologies agency in some 60% of cases to new clients comes through recommendations, 30% of new clients have contacted us through our website and less than 10% of new clients found us at a physical address, at the location of the agency or otherwise. Very often, most of our clients who come to us through the recommendations, have to visit our web site www.atec.rs to learn more about what we are doing or to review our references. Especially in our case, the lack of a web site would drastically reduce our business capability and it is safe to bring our firm to the question of survival in the market.


Here is a short list of some of the benefits of having a web site:

Availability 24/7
The web site is non-stop available to all potential and current clients at any location in the world. You are not limited to your working hours only. Weekends and holidays will not be a limiting factor for you to get in touch with clients.

Serious business
How many serious and successful companies can you list without having at least one of your own web site? Why would you be different from the successful ones?

Distinguish or rush competition
By having a sophisticated and functional web site you can always be ahead of the competition. Because you will thus be able to present your products or services to a greater number of current and future clients.

Increase business scope
Your own web site will certainly not reduce the potential number of clients, on the contrary, with the help of the web site you can only increase the interest for your products or services and thus increase the number of clients.

The reliability of your products or services
With the quality of your potential and all the features, a picturesque and more detailed description of your product or service, featuring your references and papers, it will be easier for potential customers to find that you are just a good choice for what they need.

Reducing business costs by increasing productivity
Depending on the type of web site (online sales, presentation web site, B2B system …), you can greatly reduce the number of employees, and in addition increase productivity.

Cost price versus profitability
For many companies, depending on the activity, it is enough to acquire only one or a few new customers in order to fully repay the costs of investing in the website.

And finally, I can list many more reasons why you need to have your own website, can you give at least one reason against it?