Website development

We have been working as professional website developers since 2001 and so far we have successfully completed over 200  projects. In addition to creating websites for our clients, we also develop and design web sites for other companies (Outsourcing) We can proudly say  that most of the websites that you might have visit in our region  are either completely or partly developed  by the  ATEC Technologies.

We have also secured premium web servers for our clients,  and are very proud that our  company has been consistently highly ranked among the small number of agencies that provide this type of service. By owning our own servers, as well as renting servers from other  world-renowned corporations, and  launching our  own web hosting services in 2013,  shows  our seriousness, expertise, and our intentions to succeed and remain in this line of  business for a long time.

What can we offer you:

  • Professional web site design in keeping with the the latest standards and trends
  • Help to chose the best solution for your business.
  • Expert consultation based on our many years of experience.
  • Honesty, trust and long-term cooperation.
  • Continuous support after the completion of the website development.

For reviews on the quality of our work and what   our clients think about our company, please  visit our references webpage

Website development cost:

The cost of developing  a website depends on the type of website and the time it takes to create.

For the pricing of our services, contact us, please.