Web shop

Web shop

Our online sales solutions are custom-made, highly functional, and tailored to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. The administration of the website, as well as the product data entry, are simple to use and fast , and there are absolutely no unnecessary steps required that you might have experienced with other service providers. Loading and displaying the website is significantly faster in comparison to almost all of the ready e-commerce solutions currently available (PrestaShop, Magento, OSCommerce, etc.). We can say with pride that our Web Shop is completely the work of domestic developers, that is our agency, meaning that we can tailor our services to customer’s individualrequirements no matter how complex they might be.

Within this package we provide a fully functional web site for sale over the Internet based on standard and/or proposed design by Atec Technologies with basic SEO optimization. We will initially create categories for you and add up to 20 items.
This type of website allows you to independently edit or add content (products, categories, news …) to the administrative part, which is maximally adapted (ease of use, speed of data input …) to a user who has no preexisting knowledge of programming or advanced Web developing skills. Our customer satisfaction surveys demonstrated that all our clients were able to immediately update and manage their website independently and required no further support from us due to our administrative operational function being made very simple, self explanatory and functional.

Please follow the links below for the demo version of the user and admin part of our Web Shop, respectively :

Demo version of the Web Shop- USER
Demo version of the Web Shop- ADMIN

Optional extras:

Additional options:
• Photo Gallery – from 20 Euro.
• Advanced SEO optimisation – from 100 Euros.
• Additional protection of the website – 50 Euros.
• Creating a graphical solution (layout) based on user requests – from 50 Euros.
• Creating an HTML / CSS / JS website based on an existing graphical solution (.psd file) – from 100 Euros.
• Registration of Internet domains (.com, .net, .rs, .co.rs …) For further information regarding the internet domain registration and pricing, please visit our website.


Please note, all prices stated for the optional extras in our price list are estimates only and can vary depending on the user’s requirements, the complexity of the website, and the time it takes to create. We can provide you with the final price only after talking to you and confirming your overall requirements.

The price list of our services and optional extras can be found HERE.