Web applications

Web applications

A Web application (Web app) is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface(Chrome, Firefox, Safari …). Complete code, all options and features are developed from the beginning and as such are fully customized to your needs.

The development and increasing availability of the Internet, as well as the development of new technologies, adds to the increasing popularity and increasing demands for web applications.

Some of the benefits of web applications over standard desktop applications:

• Web applications run on multiple platforms regardless of OS or device as long as the browser is compatible
• Simple to use, only basic computer literacy required
• All users access the same version, eliminating any compatibility issues
• They are not installed on the hard drive, thus eliminating space limitations
• They reduce software piracy in subscription-based web applications (i.e. SaaS)
• They reduce costs for both the business and end user as there is less support and maintenance required by the business and lower requirements for the end user’s computer

Some of the types of web applications we’ve created for our clients:
• CMS (Content Management System)
• Newsletter system
A system for sending a large large number of personalised email messages to end users or service users.
B2B (Business to Business) system
A system that allows companies to interact with one another. For example, when a wholesaler sells goods, he sells goods to a retailer.
• B2C (Business to Consumer) system
A system that allows companies to sell their goods or services to end consumers.
• Membership records
A system for registering members for trade union organisations