Static Website – Pricing

Static Website – Pricing

Making your business known is a vital part of attracting new customers. By improving your online presence, you can reach a high number of possible customers. However, if you do not want or do not need to make frequent changes to your website, you are concerned about the web security, or you simply do not want to pay for maintenance of the website, Atec Technologies can offer you the creation of a static website at a price starting from as low as 200€.
The basic price includes the creation of a complete website with up to 10 static HTML pages, based on standard and/or proposed design by Atec Technologies , including basic SEO optimisation.

Optional extras:
• Contact form – from 30 Euro.
• Slider (slideshow) – from 25 Euros.
• Advanced SEO optimisation – from 100 Euros.
• Creating a graphical solution (layout) based on user requests – from 50 Euros.
• Creating an HTML / CSS / JS website based on an existing graphical solution (.psd file) – from 100 Euros.
• Registration of Internet domains (.com, .net, .rs, …).


Please note, all prices stated for the optional extras in our price list are estimates only and can vary depending on the user’s requirements, the complexity of the website, and the time it takes to create. We can provide you with the final price only after talking to you and confirming your overall requirements.