SEO services

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Website Optimisation for Internet Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask …) is the process of customising a website or certain web pages with search engine technology in order to achieve the highest possible ranking in search results when browsing by specific keywords. The SEO optimisation mainly refers to the Google search engine as it is predominantly used in the countries where the target group users for the majority of our customers (the USA, EEU, Serbia and the region) are based. If you, for example, target group users in Russia then your SEO strategy should refer to the Yandex browser, or Baidu search engine if you are interested in the Chinese market.
SEO optimisation is one of the key components for the success of your website, hence it should be done professionally and maintained on a regular basis. Please note that due to inactivity of the website, a highly ranked position can be easily lost and competitor websites can overtake you, hence significantly affecting your ability to reach your target group/ customers.

“Your website in the first place”, “Your website ranked on the first page on Google”, “Be the first on Google” and similar ads you can find on the Internet should be taken with a pinch of salt as most of these advertisements are some kind of fraud or schemes developed to deceit the clients, because SEO optimisation depends on many complex factors, like the number and quality of the competing websites, or the number of websites with the same or similar theme, keyword selection, content quality …
A good example is that of it being almost impossible to optimise the website for the keyword “sales”, and to rank it first on Google, as there are thousands of websites that are also optimised for that keyword. Amongst them, there are dozens of websites of big corporations that have set aside huge budgets, sometimes including hundreds of thousands of euros, for SEO optimisation, and who have hired top SEO teams of experts.
Depending on the factors listed above, a good site placement on search engines is considered to be one of the top 30 places in the search results, as most users use the default settings of the Internet browser that is set to display 10 results per page and our market research indicates that many of them rarely check the websites beyond this.
The common mistake of many website owners is that of giving too much importance to the appearance of the website, rather than it’s SEO. An attractive and functional design is, of course, a very important factor when a visitor visits your website, as this is how the visitor gets the first impression of you, but without the proper SEO, your website will remain unknown to the majority of the Web users.
Prior to offering you our vision and solutions for your SEO website optimisation, we will consider in detail, and address , your requirements and expectations, and based on findings , we will undertake a comprehensive analysis your, as well as of competitive websites that are well positioned in search results. The principle is simple: in order to be better ranked by competing web sites, your web site needs to be better SEO optimised than those of your competition. It is our both professional and moral responsibility to inform our clients as to what their realistic expectations should be and to achieve the best SEO results in cooperation with them.

Please note, the owner of the website is ultimately responsible for a good ranking on search engines. You can not expect to achieve or maintain a good position without quality content and ongoing activities to improve and promote the website.