The process of building a website

The process of building a website

Posted on 29. October 2017.
Author: Dejan Krstić

The process of building a website

We will try to explain to you in a few steps how the process of making a standard web site takes place.

The first step – Decision

Right from the beginning, we want to point out that your website should be a service for you and your customers. Something that will improve and facilitate your business, and also present you on the Internet, and enable your customers to reach your services or products faster and easier, to make important information about your business, or to facilitate communication and business with you. In case you want to have a website just for the reason that your competition has its own website or for some other reason irrelevant to business, then you can simply skip reading this text, in which case I recommend that you read our article “Why do I need a website?”. Of course, this does not apply to websites that have a different purpose, such as e.g. web portals, social networking sites and so on.

Someone will enter into the process of creating the website convinced that his website is an unnecessary expense, not considering that his presence on the Internet is a chance to dramatically increase his business or one of the rare opportunities to preserve his survival on the market.

We can conclude that the only right decision to biuld your own website should be based on your business activities, long-term planning, how you act on the market, and on the basis of what your new website wants to achieve. By counting the fact that your own website interacts with clients, accessibility and mutual trust you lift to a much higher level.

The second step – Planning

A common mistake made by new website owners is insufficient or poor planning. Many owners in the process of planning a website spend their time most on design, i.e. the appearance of the website (colors, animations, layout of elements …), and completely forget its basic purpose, which is functionality. Of course, good design is of great importance to the visitor, especially as it’s the first thing to notice when someone visits your website, because the visitor creates an image based on your design. Design is a very important aspect of our lives, when buying a product (cars, home appliances, clothes …), the first thing to pay attention to is the design of this product. How many times did you not buy a product just for the reason that it looks cheap or your looks do not give you confidence. A similar situation is with the website, if it seems cheap to your site visitors or does not give you confidence, you can imagine what a potential customer will think of you in advance, and that first image and first impression is often the most important and crucial in the client’s decision. Of course, the design of the website does not have to mirror your company, as there are many good products with packaging whose design is not at an enviable level, and yet such products are still sold, so that good packaging will certainly increase their sales, and there are companies which do well with even a poorly designed and dysfunctional website. In that case, a good website would only increase the scope of business. Since we can take into consideration that your prospective clients will visit your website more often than it will come to your physical location or that they will first visit your website before contacting you, then it is logical that the first impression that is in this way a potential client is about you not to be neglected.

In addition to a well-designed website, your website needs to be functional. It implies that the navigation on the website, the number of pages, information, the choice of multimedia content (photos, videos …) are well designed and set up so that the visitor can easily get all the necessary information for which reason he visited your website.
Very often it happens to me to visit a website I would like to buy product from or to get information about a certain product, but I give up because I can not find information that I as a buyer am interested in. In that case, I always look for another website where I can find the necessary information. What do you think, when I decide to buy, which company will I choose? If someone did not make an effort to provide his future clients with the necessary information about his services or products before buying, the logical question arises how this company will deal with customers after buying, for example, in the event of a complaint, or because of the need for some advice or, if necessary, some technical support and assistance.

When planning a website, it’s very wise, and it’s also desirable to visit and analyze websites of your competitors or websites with similar business practices. Find out what could be your advantage and how to better present your products or services to your visitors and future customers.

In any case, if you decide to choose our web site development services, we will be happy to help and share our rich experience, because we have been dealing with this business for almost two decades and have over 200 successfully completed projects behind us.

Step Three – Collecting of materials and content

In our opinion, this is one of the most difficult phases in the creation of a website and it is very often the reason for the delay in completing the project.
At first sight it seems easy, but writing quality content can be very hard and demanding. There must always be a compromise between the extensive texts in which there is a lot of information, which are difficult for the visitors to read and between the shorter texts the visitor wants and can read, and as such contain all the necessary information. Texts and information must be aligned with the target group. For example, different texts are written for the younger population as the target group, in contrast to the texts targeted by the vocational group.

One of the most important items is the selection of top quality photos, which in terms of quality regarding the resolution and quality of image processing, is reflected in presenting your product in real state and in the way that would fit the potential customer. Often it happens that the visitor on the uploaded photos can not see the details that matter to him or the photo does not represent the true picture of how this product looks in reality. One of the common mistakes is that the photo is of poor quality or photographed from the wrong angle. Often it happens that more similar products use the same photo, or the photo does not match the look of the actual product, which can mislead potential buyers.

The fourth step – Website development

Graphic design
After collecting all the necessary information and materials, the web site development process can be started. Based on the wishes and demands of the users, as well as on the basis of the activity, graphic design is being developed. Very often I get a question about why the activity is related to the design and appearance of the website. Imagine, for example, web site of children’s playgrounds with gray tones or e.g. the website of the law office with colorful and vibrant colors, with abundance of colorful colors, would look a little frivolous and inappropriate, isn’t it? It is expected that on a web site that, for example, engaging in the cultivation and sale of seedlings, prevail earthen colors or at least some combination of green. I believe that you have noticed that most dentistry and doctor web sites prevail in blue.

When doing a graphic design, it is very important to match the needs and wishes of the client with the technical capabilities of the website and the technologies used. During this process, in collaboration with the client, the redesign, adjustment and layout of the elements on the pages is performed.

Before starting the coding of a website, i.e. switching graphic design in HTML / PHP / CSS code, it is important that the user is sure that the approved graphic design fully meets his expectations and desires. Changing the elements and changing design on a website in the coding process requires much more time than in the design process.

SEO optimization
If you have decided on SEO website optimization, the coding process is the right time for it. For example, it is very easy to reconcile the file names, primarily the photo and their ALT attributes during the creation, but to do this again on website development completion process.

Step 5 – Testing

This step does not need to be explicitly explained, most tests are limited to technical matters that most owners of the new website are not familiar with, nor need to be. During the testing, it is possible to search for possible errors (functionality, inconsistency, errors in the program code …). After that, follows the process of checking correct display at different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari …) on various operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS …), as well as on different devices (desktop screen, tablet , mobile phone) and display resolutions. Checking the dynamic parts of the website, such as various forms, contact forms etc.

Step 6 – Getting Started

After the completion of all five steps, the web site is migrated to the server of a web hosting provider where your website will be visible to all visitors. Before and after transferring the site to the hosting server, the settings of the hosting account and other essential items that are necessary for the undisturbed operation of the website are required. If necessary, the client’s request to install SSL certificates and set up a website to work with the SSL certificate can be done in this step. After that, a re-checking of the functionality of the website is performed. Depending on the client’s requirements and for purposes, advanced protection of the website can be made.

Seventh Step – Website Promotion

Now when you have the web site you wanted, when you invested some material resources, your time and effort, you are satisfied with its look and functionality. You just need the most important item that made you enter the web site development process, and that’s visitors. Take advantage of all the ways to promote your website, such as: adding a website address to your business cards, memos, accounts, catalogs, flyers … The presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …) can greatly help you in the promotion your website. You can create your Youtube channel where you will make interesting and useful videos which will increase the visibility of your site, and will also be interesting for a large number of visitors who aim your products and services.