Internet sales

Internet sales

Internet shop, online store, e-commerce, web shop, are all the concepts for selling goods or services over the Internet.
Whether you already have a classic store or you are planning to start selling products or offering services, launching an online store can dramatically improve your business, while reducing your overhead costs. Nowadays, when online sales are considered to be the most profitable form of trade, an Internet store is a necessity for every company and can be a milestone in your business. Economic analysts forecast further expansion of online trade with annual growth of over 15%.
The main advantage of online stores is that they work non-stop (day and night, weekdays, weekends and holidays), and your products or services are available to millions of customers on the Internet, no matter where they are. The online store is not limited to the local market, while the opportunities for growth and expansion of your business are incomparably larger.

Advantages of an Internet store for employers:
• Compared to the classic store, the online store costs are negligible. There is no need for business premises, or a large number of employees.
• Lower overheadcosts mean that you can lower prices for products or services and make your business more competitive
• The ability to manage an internet store from any place and at any time.
• Possibility of direct customer support.
• Possibility of business analysis and statistics.

Advantages of the Internet Store for Customers:
• Availability of products and services 24 hours a day.
• Purchase from the comfort of their own home.
• Purchase at any time and from any place where there is Internet access.
• The customer has insight into more detailed product information.
• Compared to the classic store, online shopping is much faster and easier
• Products are sorted by category
• The ability to search for products and services

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