CMS website

What is CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) is a system for managing content , enabling you to enter new and modify the existing contents/data (text, photos, documents, etc. ) on your website without any pre-existing knowledge of programming and other web technologies. Basically, it means that you should log into your CMS system via dedicated Webpages , and after successful login, you can modify or add new content to your website. All that you need is the elementary computer literacy, some basic knowledge on your CMS system or a short online course (training) to operate the CSM system.

The benefits of a CMS system in comparison to other types of web sites and when/why the CMS is an ideal solution for your website:

• Editing and adding content to the web site can be made from any location where there is Internet access
• If you need to frequently change and add new information, photos and the like
• If you require a web site with a large number of pages or products
• If you require a multilingual web site
• If you require frequent changes of web site design . All content is stored in a database separate from the design.

Disadvantages of the CMS:

• It requires both regular and more advanced periodical technical maintenance, enabling your website to operate adequately, as well as ensuring the security of your website. By the technical maintenance we mean: upgrade (update) of the scripts, plug-ins and the CMS itself
• It is necessary to regularly or periodically monitor functionality and security of the web site.

Before proceeding with your choice of the CMS, please make sure that you are well informed and that the option chosen is best suited to your requirements. Many CMS systems may be too complicated and time consuming – this can significantly hamper the work in them. On the other hand, there are some CMS systems that do not have a sufficient number of options that you may require. The top CMS solution is the solution that is customised to your needs and abilities, and that is as simple to use as possible and without superfluous options.

We, at the Atec Technologies, offer to our clients the Joomla or WordPress solutions. However, to our customers with more advanced needs, we can offer a customised CMS solutions.

Should you opt for a web site based on a CMS solution, please do not hesitate to contact us for any further queries and more detail information .

We can also provide you with the examples of our completed projects.